Japanese Tea Tradition Communial Study Group

Studying Japanese Way Of Tea ("tea ceremony", chadō, chanoyu) is in many ways about learning and understanding together. In 2023, an open communial study group for those studying Japanese tea was established in Helsinki. The group has meetings weekly.

In principle, the basis for participating in the group's activities should be a basic course of chadō arranged by Suomen Chado Urasenke Tankokai yhdistys ry association or sufficient skills acquired another way about the tea tradition according to the Urasenke tradition.

Those interested in the activities of the study group are asked to note that this study group is not educational activity of the official Urasenke association of Finland mentioned above, but specifically a communial study group where those who already know "chado" deepen their skills through doing and realizing together.

The study group receives Kansalaisfoorumi's study group support, and for participating in the group's activities, only a material cost per participation and the possible teacher's fee are charged for meetings where an external sensei (teacher) is teaching. The group's gatherings are organized in Kamppi (Helsinki).

If you are interested in participating in a communal Japanese tea tradition study group, please contact us for additional information.

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